Inventing Social Emergency Medicine

In September 2017, EMF partnered with ACEP and the Levitt Center for Social Emergency Medicine to host a groundbreaking consensus conference, “Inventing Social Emergency Medicine,” designed to unify disparate activities in the arena of social emergency medicine.

Funded by a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the conference included physician researchers and program planners who share a common interest in the nexus of emergency medicine and the social determinants of health.

The conference included invited paper presentations, commentaries, and open discussion among the 50 attendees that crossed the spectrum of emergency medicine from bedside to community, as well as the role emergency physicians have to play.

Topics included:

  • Principles of Social Emergency Medicine
  • Screening for and Addressing Social Determinants of Health
  • Homelessness and the Practice of Emergency Medicine: Challenges, Gaps in Care, and Moral Obligations
  • A Paradigm Shift to Interrupt The Bi-directional Flow Driving Community Violence
  • Emergency Physician as Community Health Advocates

A Social Emergency Medicine Section was established at ACEP shortly after the conclusion of the conference.


The structure of the conference included a day and a half of invited paper presentations, invited commentaries, and open discussion among the 50 attendees.  Proceedings of the conference were aggregated into an open-access journal supplement for those interested in understanding this rapidly emerging field within clinical and academic emergency medicine.

The proceedings were published in the Annals of Emergency Medicine Journal Supplement – Inventing Social Emergency Medicine:  A Consensus Conference to Establish the Intellectual Underpinnings of Social Emergency Medicine.

You can view the entire conference proceedings in the videos below.



The Levitt Center for Social Emergency Medicine is an independent nonprofit research and advocacy institute dedicated to transforming emergency medicine to better incorporate social context into daily practice. Our work in Social Emergency Medicine (SEM) explores how social, economic, and other factors affect the health of our patients and their communities. The Levitt Center provides resources and support for research and advocacy in SEM as well as population health initiatives that recognize sensible use of the emergency care system.


The Emergency Medicine Foundation (EMF) was founded in 1972 by visionary leaders of the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP). As a non-profit research entity, EMF invests its funds to achieve its mission of developing career emergency medicine researchers whose research improves patient care and provides the basis for effective health policy.


Founded in 1968, the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) promotes the highest quality of emergency care and is the leading advocate for emergency physicians, their patients, and the public. ACEP represents more than 36,000 emergency physicians, residents and medical students.